Dr. Bene Ekine-Afolabi
Bene EkineAfolabi is a graduate of River State University of Science & Technology in Applied
Biology (Medical Microbiology option); with an MRes degree at University of East London,
United Kingdom.
She had her PhD. study & worked at the Department of Natural Sciences, Middlesex
University, UK. Trained in practical approach to toxicology in drug development (American
College of Toxicology/British Toxicology Society). Bene does research in Microbiology,
Molecular Biology and Cancer: Her current focus of research (which has yielded eight
designed models), is on the Investigation of molecular mechanism of colorectal cancer and
due to the current pandemic, has initiated drug development for COVID19, as well as
established a COVID19 Diagnostic laboratory, and currently expanding the diagnostic
The technologies employed for COVID19 testing at ZEAB has been approved
for PRA Category 1 CME and ACCENT CE accreditation by the University of Louisville, and
AACCoral presentation is at Association of Clinical Scientists’ annual meeting. ZEAB COVID-
19 lab progressed successfully in UKAS process to which due to UK new regulatory rule on
target products, recommendation for use was not granted; ZEAB COVID LAB operates in
UKAS standard. Bene had Harvard University part-sponsored training in therapeutic research
in Cancer, Biology & Therapeutics, and awarded Distinction.
Bene is a Fellow of the
Association of Clinical Scientist; she sits on Editorial Board of various Journals including
International Journal of Genetics & Genomics, World Journal of Gastroenterology, World
Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology, International Journal of Modern Medicine. Bene has
written a book chapter (manuscript undergoing review) for Springer Nature in the book series:
Cancer & Immunologytitled The Homeostasis Dance and has been involved in four published
peer reviewed article, two manuscript awaiting publication, among which one is on COVID19
and was submitted to the Chief Medical Officer of United Kingdom to assist in response to the
pandemic. Bene has given oral presentations in various conferences as a speaker and
Keynote speaker. Additionally, Bene recently received an award from Harvard medical school
for complementary training in COVID19 and Mental Wellness for Medical Professionals.