ZEABKnop (Health Digest)




Zeabknop 30th March


to this 1st edition of ZEABKnop. It gives me great pleasure to launch this health digest.

It is often mistaken that what we eat has nothing to do with our well-being. I would like to present an analogy to you: the human body is like a machine, that utilizes oil to lubricate the parts for efficient functioning. It is also like a house where you purchase various decorative items to furnish the apartment; therefore, what you furnish the house with is what you get. You can only lubricate a machine if you know the right oil to use, and you can only furnish a house if you know the dimension so that you furnish with the right size of furniture.

I therefore, request that you give ZEABKnop the opportunity to bring to you the right information about your body and health. ZEAB is here to provide you with the information to support you in better silencing diseases.


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